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Earn Referrer Rewards in three simple steps!

Earn Referee Rewards in three simple steps!

Enter your contact number to get your Referral Code.
Enter your friend’s contact number to get his/her Referral Code.
Share your code with friends and family
Enter Referral Code and click "View Plans" for plan selection, system will input the code automatically during registration.
Both referrer and referee will receive Account Rewards and/or Extra Rewards for successful referral
Both referrer and referee will receive Account Rewards and/or Extra Rewards for successful registration.

Mobile Services

Enjoy unlimited data with NO throttling!

$88/month for unlimited 4G data at 2Mbps. Enjoy uncapped referral rewards when you successfully refer our mobile services to friends and family!

Home Gateway Fibre Broadband Bundle

1000M/2Gbps Fibre Broadband Service on Home Gateway network security router that features Network Security to protect devices against cyber threats to safeguard your family! Successfully refer our Broadband Services to earn uncapped Referral Rewards!
Products photos are for reference only. Limited quantity on all themes. Please refer to our website on availability for each theme.

Home Broadband

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The referral programme has extended to cover enterprise customers. Earn rewards with your business partners now.
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1. How do I retrieve my Referral Code?

Simply click here and enter your Contact No. registered to your HKBN account to obtain your Referral Code! Refer more to earn more rewards!

2. I don't remember the Contact No. that was registered for my HKBN account. How can I retrieve my Contact No. information?

Simply login to My Account to check your registered Contact No.

3. How do I participate in the Referral Programme?

If you are an existing HKBN customer and want to become the Referrer, click here to enter your Contact No.. You'll be given a Referral Code. If you are the one being referred, click here to enter your friend's Referral Code.

4. Is there a closing date for the Referral Programme?

At the moment, our Referral Programme will conclude at the end of this month. To stay up-to-date with about our latest news and offers, check the HKBN Referral Program official website.

5. What kind of service plans can I recommend to family and friends?

Designated Home Broadband and Mobile Services Plans are eligible for referral. You can first share your referral link with your family and friends. Using your referral link, he/she can directly access the eligible Services Plans and enjoy the referral offers

Format of referral link:[your Referral Code]
Example: For referral code ABCDE12345, the referral link shall be

6. When will I receive my referral rewards?

The timeframe in which you'll receive Referral Rewards will vary depending on the susbscribed contract duration:
i. If your friend subscribes to a service plan with a contract period that is 12 months or longer, both of you will be granted Referral Rewards 2 months after service activation.
ii. If your friend subscribes to a free-to-go plan or a service plan with a contract that is less than 12 months in duration, both of you will be granted Referral Rewards 6 months after service activation.

7. How can I collect my rewards?

Referral Rewards, provided in the form of account credits, will be granted to both the Referrer's and Referee's HKBN account.

8. How can I track the number of times my Referral Code has been used?

Just click here to login with your Contact No. and HKBN Account No. You can easily track the number of times your Referral Code has been used along with the amount of rewards you earned. We will update the information daily.

9. If I am an existing customer, can I refer myself to participate in the Referral Program?

The Referrer and Referee (subscriber of a new service plan) cannot be the same person. When subscribing to a new service, you can ask a friend/family member who is a HKBN customer for his/her Referral Code!

10. Can I repeatedly refer the same friend or family member?

Yes, the Referrer can repeatedly refer the same person to sign up for new HKBN services. The more referrals you make, the more rewards you'll earn. There are no limits to the number of referrals you can make.

11. If a Referral Code is not provided during registration, can it be provided separately?

No, please remind your family and friends to enter the Referral Code during the registration procedure.

12. If the person I refer cancels his/her subscribed service plan, will the rewards still be issued?

No, Referral Rewards will only be issued when the subscribed service plan is active.

13. If the Referee cancels his/her service plan, will the issued rewards be retracted?

No, if the Referee cancels his/her service plan within the contract period, he/she will bear the liquidation cost caused from a premature termination of contract. This will have no effect on the issued rewards.